We are so Lucky!

Shortly after my husband and I decided we were going to buy a house here we went to an open house in Olympia. We had zero idea of what we were doing or what we were looking for, but thankfully Keri was the one running that open house! She gave us information on a broker to go through and told us to call her if we needed help house hunting. I can’t say enough positive things about Keri, she’s honest, experienced, and best of all she was there for every little question and concern we had no matter how late it was. We got to know Keri very well (Since we probably saw 30 houses together) and she is one of the most caring real estate agents you will ever meet, and she will do everything in her power to get you your dream house. We are beyond lucky that we found Keri, who knows where we would be without her.

Katelyn Declet

Simply the Best

I have purchased a number of homes over the years (many years, many homes) and there is no other agent like Keri. None.

At times during a purchase it can get a little (or a lot) nerve racking, and there is Keri saying ‘ Don’t worry, i got this’. This message needs to be put on a billboard on I-5 with flashing lights with all the bells and whistles;

Please, Please, Please, pass the word.

oh, and I’m going to start a Go Fund Me page for that billboard…..

J. Tony Berkson

Keri will fight for you!

I got in contact with Keri pretty randomly and it’s the best thing that happened to me in the course of buying my first house. My partner and I had nothing but bad luck and disasters throughout not just the buying process but actually moving cross-country to get to the house as well. We had greedy sellers with an exceptionally difficult realtor, an overly challenging mortgage approval process because there were two buyers trying to coordinate with multiple bank accounts, work and credit histories, and even a renting tenant that didn’t want to move. Keri was with us every step of the way. She even helped make some repairs to the house so the FHA approval would go through. She protected us from the opposing team and did everything in her power to make the process as painless as possible.
Keri really cares about her clients and is passionate and meticulious about her work. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone buying [or selling!] a house.
Especially if you’re a first time newbie.
[She also set us up with a much better mortgage company than the frankly unhelpful and unprofessional one we were dealing with originally.]

Colleen Jones

“Great team, seamless performance!”

We thought the courtesy shown us during the stress of selling and moving was extremely considerate.  Great team, seamless performance!

Bill and Carolyn McEnroe

“Sold in 4 days!”

Friendly advice on getting our house ready for sale.  Sold in 4 days!

Zane Lambert


“…100% of the time.”

I knew exactly what was taking place with the sale 100% of the time.

Ed and Carmen Berrios

“…team works very well together.”

Thanks for making everything so easy.  Your team works very well together.

John and Chris Olson

“…everything fell into place”

Everyone was so nice.  Seemed that everything fell into place and made the sale of our home so painless.  This was our 1st experience in selling a home.  Thank you!

Chester and Donna Mabry

“I wish I would have found you six months earlier.”

I wish I would have found you six months earlier.

Al and Jacqueline Raines

“…thorough marketing plan”

Your thorough marketing plan was impressive.

Nancy Foley

“Keeps client always up to date.”

Very professional and detailed service.  Keeps client always up to date. Accommodates clients needs to the best of his abilities to make that sale happen.  Very honest.

James and Charlotte Francia

“Very knowledgeable”

“Very knowledgeable & I believe your reputation is very good. Able to reach a wide range of potential buyers through a variety of media.”

Cheri Lindgren

“…hassle free experience”

Excellent marketing, professional, and knowledgeable.  The most hassle free experience I ever had in selling a house.

Judy Bainte

“…impressed with the caring, competence and follow through.”

We both have worked in service jobs for many years and were impressed with the caring, competence and follow through.  You and your staff made a major event in our lives go very smoothly. There was never any doubt of where we stood or what was to come next.

Gary Cyr

“…an exceptional job of marketing the property.”

“Very knowledgeable about the real estate market. Does an exceptional job of marketing the property. They are always kind and very courteous when you need to contact them with a question or just to ask about progress, which you rarely need to ask because they keep you very well informed. A great team to work with!”

John & Carol Larson

“Superb service”

“Superb service-we are very pleased! They filled all our needs without hassles. We were treated with respect, concern, and courtesy throughout the whole transaction.”

Michael & Margaret Colasurdo

“…they get the job done.”

Very knowledgeable, friendly and competent service, they get the job done.

Chris and Jon Halvorson

“…you are a great team!”

Very good Real Estate experience, you are a great team!

Lee and Jana Ingrim

“Professionalism, knowledge, efficiency”

Professionalism, knowledge, efficiency, follow-up and follow through, beautiful office etc!

Lucia Neilson

“…outstanding performance”

Having been a real estate broker and appraiser prior to my retirement, it was easy to recognize the outstanding performance we received from your office.

Ken Erickson

“Professionalism and commitment”

Communication was always a priority. Professionalism and commitment to us was outstanding and thorough.

Duane and Jean Stone

“…great job”

“You guys did a great job and got more than we thought you could for the house!”

A & S  Argeris

“…you guys did a great job!”

“We have to say you guys did a great job! Everybody at your office was excellent!!! Thanks everyone for being so great! You really helped deal with all the stress of trying to sell a home.”

Vic & Diana Leneker

“…respect, concern and courtesy”

We were treated with respect, concern and courtesy throughout the whole transaction.

Michael and Margaret Colasard

“…I had the best organization in the area working for me.”

I am convinced I had the best organization in the area working for me.  I cannot say enough good about the experience. The staff was friendly, extremely courteous and helpful and very very knowledgeable.  They knew what needed to be done and did it!! I can think of several companies that should take customer service lessons from your group!

Michelle Johnson

“…an excellent job in marketing”

Burger Professionals has done an excellent job in marketing and selling our house. As an out-of-State owner, we had to do everything by phone, fax, email, or Fed-Ex. They had to coordinate with my property manager as well as a non-compliant rental tenant. Though this house was average, and was in rental history for six years, I am convinced that I got a fair market value for my home, and that it was done professionally and quickly. The whole team assisted with the processing, overcoming some difficulties concerning showing the house, complying with local laws for septic, moisture intrusion, etc., and coordinating final repairs. Their explanations of the process, all over the phone or by e-mail, were excellent. Their photo of the home for ads was superb!

Bonnie Troutdale

“…very professional and helpful.”

I had no idea everything that was involved in selling a house. Burger Professionals walked me through each step of the way. They are very professional and helpful. I have enjoyed the experience of working with this agency. Thank you for all your help and the quick sale of my home.

Randy Scoffield